Dr. Sherri Michelle – Unleashing Gifts & Developing Purpose

Welcome to Dr.SherriMichelle!  the resource for individual coaching and mentoring in Front Royal, Virginia. We are a team of clinically-trained professionals whose aim is to assist you in living your best life! Our vision is to assist those around us in investing in the journey toward accomplishment, happiness, and hope in their daily lives.  Through education and mentoring, we aim to help you prepare for the inevitable bumps in the road of life.  We do this through individual, person-centered coaching.

We are here to promote thoughtful attitudes and actions toward mental health and lift the veil of confusion about the connection between mental well-being and a preparedness to handle the challenges we encounter all too often in our lives. We are here to create an atmosphere for self-exploration and understanding.  We are here to help build and encourage healthy relationships between individuals and members of a business team.  With standards of honesty, innovation, investment, and trust, Crown Professional Mentoring Group mentors pave the way for your success, growth, and attainment of meaning in life!

We believe that positive psychology and relationship health must be applied in any situation in order to prepare for life and respond effectively to events for which we could not prepare.  Because of our common human experiences, we are more alike than different.  We experience transitions in life, changes and challenges in relationships, and other opportunities for growth. With the world constantly changing in ways not always expected, we strive to provide the newest and best methods of attaining mental and relationship health while adapting to the needs of individuals to ensure understanding and an ability to fully utilize what we teach.  To get a better idea of who we are at Crown Professional Mentoring Group and our philosophy on building awareness about self-care, visit our FAQ page.